Corolla Hatch

Corolla Hatch

Introducing s street-savvy hatchback that is as light-on-fuel as it is a pleasure to behold: meet the Toyota Corolla Hatch. The perfect combination of performance and comfort, the Corolla Hatch provides a host of ingenious functions and features, like steering wheel controls that seamlessly let you control the functions of your devices or cutting-edge infotainment system.

The Toyota Corolla is proactive about protecting you

More than just eye candy, The Toyota Corolla Hatch delivers on safety and driver assistance where it matters most. Safety features include a lane-keeping system called Lane Trace Assist, with early warning detection and automatic prevention, facilitated by windshield glass camera sensors that analyses lane markers to trigger automatic preventative steering wheel maneuvres ion the case of compromising conditions or potential collisions.

This car offers extraordinary convenience and entertainment for added satisfaction

No matter how long or short the journey may be, the dun never has to stop, thanks to the high0tech seamless connectivity and advanced functionality of the Corolla Hatch’s onboard infotainment system, featuring 4.2” full-colour touchscreen display and connects to a six-speaker sounds system.

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Hatch 1.2T Xs

From R391 700

Hatch 1.2T Xs Bi-T

From R403 000​​

Hatch 1.2T Xs CVT

From R403 900

Hatch 1.2T Xs CVT Bi-T

From R415 200

Hatch 1.2T XR CVT

From R451 200​​

Hatch 1.2T XR CVT Bi-T

From R462 600