Etios Sedan

Etios Sedan

Prepare to have all eyes on you wherever you are in your Toyota Etios Sedan, a cheeky 1.5-litre saloon car with a lot of personality. Its fuel-efficient engine is fitted with a cutting-edge Electronic Fuel Injection for optimal and consistent airflow to improve fuel economy and performance while keeping carbon emissions to a minimum.

The Etios Sedan always provides a ride of luxury and convenience

Everything is covered when you hit the road in Etios Sedan, no matter what the mission may be, thanks to its cutting edge 4-speaker entertainment system with advanced connectivity. Comfort is further enhanced by electric windows and airconditioning.

An eco-friendly car with a chic, sporty look

Coming in at a very accessible price and offering remarkable fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, the bold Etios Sedan is a good looking urban runner with an unmistakable design that is impossible to ignore.

The Etios Sedan was designed to keep you safe

The Etios range is the prime example of the standard safety features that Toyota has to offer, from driver front passengers, airbags to central locking and anti-theft, to name but a few.

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