Land Cruiser 79

Toyota Land Cruiser 79

Some people try, others simply do. The Land Cruiser 79 simply goes where it must.

Top of the Class

With the Land Cruiser 79 you will never be the underdog. You’ll be the one saving the day with ease and style in your chrome-packaged bombshell.
With petrol and diesel options available, all with immense power to move you and your passengers forward over any terrain, the Land Cruiser 79 lives up to the hype.

Technologically Advanced

Just because it is rugged doesn’t mean the Land Cruiser 79 can’t be comfortable. With airbags, electronic windows and power steering you have every
comfort you could want and with the optional navigation system you’ll never get lost. Central locking ensures the safety of your vehicle at all times.
USB, Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity allow you to control your entertainment as well as your drive.

This is Africa

With an array of terrain at your doorstep, the Land Cruiser 79 is the perfect vehicle for every adventure. Anti-lock Braking (ABS), mud guards and
a towing hook on the front and rear ensure that you’re prepared for anything.

LC79 4.2 Diesel SC

From R644 200​

LC79 4.5 Diesel V8 SC

From R736 600

LC79 4.0 Petrol SC

From R605 800

LC79 4.2 Diesel DC

From R720 000

LC​79 4.5 Diesel V8 DC

From R807 300

LC79 4.0 Petrol DC 

From R687 200

LC79 4.5D V8 DC Namib

From R929 700

When you’re discovering the best places, the best place to be is behind the wheel of the majestic, awe-inspiring Land Cruiser 79.​