New Toyota Quantum GL Bus

Toyota Quantum

The all-new Toyota Quantum is built to maximise space, reduce running costs and help you with your transport needs.

Designed to be spacious

The new Toyota Quantum can comfortably hold luggage as well as seat eleven people, meaning it should be the first choice for anyone looking to commercially transport a number of passengers regularly. Design features have been included to make the job of transporting people or items easy: features like the easy-access side sliding door which allows you to get in and out quicker than ever before.

Fuel efficient and transport focused

A 2.8 litre diesel engine and powerful turbocharger have been paired with a slick six-speed manual transmission. This makes the new Quantum’s gear changes smoother and more economical than previous models.

A comfortable car means a happy driver

The Toyota Quantum’s design is aimed at ensuring that the driver is relaxed and refreshed at all times. Your Quantum will be able to make longer journeys than before. Intuitive inclusions like the state-of-the-art leaf-spring suspension system, fitted to ensure that the Quantum rides smooth even on the roughest roads, push the newest model to new heights.

Call us to find out more about the new Quantum, our staff will be happy to help with questions, pricing and organising a test drive.